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  • FREE DESIGN – All Design Work is FREE for clients that build with us. This can save clients thousands in design fees. We DO NOT add extra costs to your construction proposal to cover design. Our goal is to win your construction business. This feature is especially helpful for unique Commercial projects (see our section on commercial design/buildings that we have completed).
  • HERE FOR THE LONG HAUL – Longevity and Tradition- 25 Years building along the Carolina Coast. ALL Carrell’s vendors and subcontractors are paid. You should have ZERO concern about Carrell walking away from your project or closing its doors during your build. It hasn’t and WON’T happen. Carrell endured the most tumultuous period in the construction market’s history, 2007-2009, to remain one of the most active custom builders on the Carolina Coast. Carrell Group has built over 700 homes and designed and/or built over 1000.
  • PRICING – Purchasing Power yields competitive pricing to our clients. Due to our long-term reputation in the construction industry, we negotiate aggressive cost agreements with our suppliers and subcontractors, that help guarantee our clients competitive pricing. We are confident that we can match or beat any “apples to apples” build project.
  • 3-D DESIGN LAB – our designers and owner, Bruce Carrell, personally meet and design any style home, renovation, or commercial project with the clients. Our 3-D DESIGN LAB allows homeowners to “feel” a design by walking through the floor plan. Within seconds, Carrell Group can change a room, cabinet, and other features and the client can immediately see the results from a 3-D perspective. Remember, all of this capability is FREE if you build with us. FREE- no hidden clauses, no small print. Our goal is to build your structure…PERIOD!
  • FORTIFIED AND GREEN – Expertise and Existing Projects with Current Building Techniques- Enhanced Hurricane protection for Insurance discounts to clients, Energy Efficiency advice and experience.
  • TRUE CUSTOM BUILDER – Many of our competitors try to sell clients on a pre-existing plan. Our competition does this because they are EXTREMELY limited in fitting a client’s unique needs. We can change any plan, multiple times, and meet their price! How can you resist that???
  • RENOVATIONS – numerous large scale renovation projects with satisfied clients! Our design team walks through and measures your existing structure, inputs it into our system, and creates a plan to meet your renovation needs…Again, this part is FREE when you build with us!
  • WARRANTY SERVICE – our site managers and Vice President work directly with homeowners after closing to ensure any warranty concerns are addressed. We do not pass you on to unfamiliar parties. It is Carrell Group’s goal to keep our clients as happy members of the Carrell Family and Tradition.
  • MEDITERRANEAN AND CARIBBEAN ARCHITECTURE EXPERTISE – Clients from distant locations (Raleigh, NC; Charlotte, NC; and Florence, SC) have contracted our services to create the perfect Mediterranean/Caribbean style home. We’ve design and/or built over 100 of this style home. Our owner and his wife, Sonya Carrell, often visit Italy on creative jaunts. During these trips, they work diligently to note design concepts and ideas to incorporate in Carrell Group’s homes. When a potential client enters one of these homes of the Carrell Group’s, they always comment about the consistency and authenticity of the smallest of details.
  • MEGA-HOME EXPERIENCE – Carrell continues to evolve as one of the Carolina’s leading ultra high end homebuilders. In the last three years, Carrell has managed 3 projects (18,000 sf; 18,000 sf; and 28,000 sf), all with zero property liens and 100% happy clients.
  • CONTRACT FLEXIBILITY – As a true “Custom Builder,” we are flexible with various contract options. We’ve built structures under every conceivable structure- Fixed Price, Cost Plus, Cost Plus Fixed Fee, and contracts involving clients in the Bid Approval process. Our team is comfortable with whichever our client is comfortable with.

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