While most economic news still remains either unclear or full of doom and gloom,  we found a huge bright spot in this article from the USA Today. 

The number of retirees retiring out of state is on the decline. While that may bode well for those areas retirees were typically leaving (New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts), this news is less favorable to those areas where they were typically retiring to (the entire Sun Belt region). Unless of course,  the area you are referring to is the Carolinas.

“The Carolinas have emerged as the preferred retirement destination…according to Del Webb’s most recent Baby Boomer survey, a finding backed by Census data. North Carolina continues to gain a net of about 9,000 retirement-age residents every year from other states; South Carolina, about 6,000.

Check out the entire article! It truly is a promising read for our region, despite the doom and gloom for other regions.

LINK TO ARTICLE – USA Today says the Carolinas Remain the Top Baby Boomer Retirement Location