The Carrell Group participates in an in-depth look at CFL bulbs.

VIDEO ARTICLE –¬†Paula Caruso, WMBF Anchor, provides an in-depth look at Compact Fluorescent Lights. Bruce Carrell, president of The Carrell Group, helps consumers understand the applications in a home regarding these bulbs, and the large “green” benefits that small upgrades like this can make in a home. Marc Tye, VP of Conservation and Renewable Energy for Santee Cooper explains the savings of using CFL’s, and Hiren Shah, who recently completed a upgrade to CFL bulbs, speaks about his specifics savings.

The Carrell Group has been including this, and many other green building techniques, in their approach to home building. ¬†From large scale green building techniques like Insulated Concrete Form walls, down to minor green practices like switching to CFL’s, these are just a few ways The Carrell Group can earn your home an Energy Star rating.


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