Are you ready to build the home of your dreams? Finding simple house design features that you can include in your new home that won’t date is essential. Building a new home is a huge investment and without looking long term you might be forking out a lot of money only after a few years to update your home.

Check out the timeless building design features that we love:

Minimalist Home Design

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This concept comes as a growing trend in homes. Maintaining a smart and practical home furnishing scheme, especially with a smaller lot, will help get the most of interior space. If you’re wanting a home that’s highly functional and uses each and every space effectively, look no further.

This simple home design will ensure that your home is never overcrowded with features or furnishings. As it pertains to furniture, try and keep things to a minimum by finding storage options that take up minimal space. Practical, stylish and uncluttered are design plans which will never go out of style.

Open Plan Design

An open plan living space offers a neat, seamless transition and navigation through parts of the home. It also allows a connected approach to interior design.

Through this home design you will be able to create a relationship between the key areas of the home, namely the kitchen, dining room, lounge and living areas. This opens up a new dimension of space within the home, and means you will be gifted with endless versatility. You can compliment an open plan design by incorporating different types of flooring, colour scheme, and lighting styles – which also help with ‘zoning’ between areas.

Large Windows

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Cezanne by Masterpiece Homes

Having large windows around your home can provide many advantages. They provide a great visual access to the front and back yard, allow natural daylight (rather than reliance on other lighting) and can also offer fresh air and air circulation.

Through large windows, you can take advantage of the day’s light. If designed properly, smartly positioned windows will help heat inside the home through solar gain. Through this technique, you stand to make a handsome saving on your heating bills.

Feel like you’ve brought the great outdoors inside with you. Studies have proven that being exposed to the natural world has an effect on our well-being and physical health. The light beaming through the windows can also be utilised as a beautifying backdrop for your décor.

Neutral Colours and Tones

While bold colours and tones may make your home stand out from the rest, neutral colours will provide your home with a sophisticated beauty that will never go out of style. There are many good reasons why this colour theme is best for your timeless interior design.

A serene backdrop will allow you to bring out other elements within your home. Neutral colours and tones help show off furnishings and textures throughout the home so nothing gets overlooked.

Neutral will always remain a classic. However, if you do feel the need to add some colour or zest to your designs, toss in a couple of pillows, a blanket, a throw, or even a vase of beautiful bright flowers. Consider neutral colour design as a longer term investment.

Left wanting more?

Traditional styles that don’t date are considered timeless for a very good reason – simplistic, classic patterns and conservative colours and tones merge for a smart and stylish interior home design that is warm, welcoming and especially refined.

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