If you’re well settled in the location you’re in, but feeling like a home overhaul, then a total knockdown and rebuild may some something to consider.

The rising costs of renovations in recent years has resulted in knocking down and rebuilding becoming the smarter, safer option. Building a new home takes time, resources and money, but more than that – it takes copious amounts of planning and discussion. What to build? How to design it? What to spend? There are so many big questions to address.

A knockdown and rebuild project may be an option for those living in more outdated homes.

The modern home has become a far cry from older models – rooms have become more spacious and windows have become larger allowing more natural light, while other areas of the house have surpassed their traditional functions and transformed into greater general living spaces.

It can be tricky to know where to start with a knockdown and rebuild project. To make things easier, here’s our list of things to consider before getting started.

Consider your family’s wants and needs

This kind of project allows you to consider the needs of your family and tailor your new home accordingly. After formulating your budget, you can create a design that will meet these needs, be it space for playtime for the kids, or a place to escape to for the parents.

Floor plans will vary from builder to builder, there are a healthy variety of diversified home designs. Space is often a priority when rebuilding a house as families grow and change.

What are the costs of maintaining your current home?

High maintenance costs can be part of the package when living in an older home. Fixtures and features can become outdated and need overhauling and unavoidable touch-ups to the house can become expensive when factoring in the cost of contractors and renovations.


What are the other costs you need to be aware of?

Knockdown and rebuild projects often come with unexpected costs which can add up considerably throughout the duration of the project. We’ve put together a list of the costs that you can expect to help remove the element of surprise.  


The cost of demolition will vary based on a range of factors including the amount of work involved, the materials used, and site accessibility. You should be prepared to pay anywhere between $10,000 to $20,000.

Asset Protection

As the owner, it will become your responsibility to contact your local council regarding the asset protection needed. This type of protection will give you cover for any damage to council assets during the construction process. The firm undertaking the demolition of your home will require a copy of your documents before proceeding with the project. This type of protection will give you cover for any damage to council assets during the construction process.

Site Feature Survey

This includes the crafting of a scale drawing of your build site – including depicting easements, and falls on the land, service connection points and other site fixtures.

Site Preparation

There will be costs involved before you are able to commence building on your site. Again, these will vary in accordance with features on your block. These may include – fences, trees, soil classification, and slope. Once this information is obtained, you can begin to work out your site costs.

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