Home Design Studio

At Carrell Group we've taken the art and business of custom homebuilding to a higher level.

 We also have some clients who already have a floorplan they like, whether purchased online or designed by an outside designer/architect. If that is the case, that works for us too. We don’t have to design your home to build it, and in fact, build many homes for clients that we did not design. The bottom line is that we want to partner with you to build your beautiful new home and our complimentary design services are just another value added benefit of choosing the Carrell Group

We bring everything to the table to provide you a spectacular experience, from start to finish.

There are many reasons to choose our complimentary design services: they’re free; we offer valuable construction experience when creating the design; we can make immediate changes to the plans during construction if necessary; we have a wealth of experience in many types of architectural design styles and construction (Mediterranean, Cottage, Coastal, Traditional, Southern, Contemporary, French Cottage, etc).