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Estate Homes

Whatever you want to construct, we can design it and build it!

 Our design service is FREE when you choose to build with Carrell Group. Our goal is to build for you, and this is just one of the many services we offer to earn your construction business.To help begin your design process, please see our portfolio of home plans in all size categories.

Let Your Creativity Become A Reality.

Carrell Group is the area’s leader in high end estate-size projects, ranging in scope from 8,000 sf luxurious beachfront homes all the way up to 30,000 sf mega mansions. The Carrell Group has developed a reputation for constructing luxury homes in environments that capture the breathtaking views of the European timeless designs, and unique appearance. 

Craftsmanship without Compromise

As a long term Custom Home Builder, Carrell Group is experienced and capable of handling any large scale residential project in the Carolinas. From contract types (fixed price, cost plus, etc), to permanent site manager, to numerous other specialized services, the Carrell Group is the best suited builder in the Carolinas for highly custom projects of this type. Please contact us if this service seems suited for you. Our team will travel to you for initial meetings and analysis.