Finding the perfect custom home builder for you and your building needs can seem like an impossible mission. It seems that every custom home builder offers a slightly different option for you to compare, and has different processes and procedures. If you’re starting your hunt, having the right questions ready to ask them will save you some time & make the process more straight forward.

Finding the “right” questions to ask can be difficult, but will help you determine the right options you want to make. Through this, we will look at a few questions that should be addressed. We will also look at why they should be asked, and how they affect choosing a builder to tackle your new build.

Will I Be Allowed At The Job Site?

Ask whether you will be allowed to stop by the construction site if need be. This could be simply to ask questions or even track any progress that is being made. Although it can be fun to visit the job site, do keep in mind that there will be lots of different people around and it might be difficult to just stop at the site when you feel like it.

How Did You Get Started In Building?

It’s always good to know who you are working with. Find out about your builder’s working history. Discover whether they have been involved with any building in your local area, or are more accustomed to working the other side of town, or even interstate.

Through this, you will ideally want to gain insight into their story, their passions, and why they are successful in this field. This will help you gain stronger relations with them, but also help build their case as to why you should trust them. Typically, this line of questioning should be asked prior to the building process.

Can I View Any Of Your Completed Projects?

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It’s important to see the builder’s finished projects.You will be able to verify their word, but also ensure their quality of work is of high standard. This is the best way to get a feel of their workmanship.

If they refer you to a past home they have worked on, you may get the opportunity to discuss them with past clients. Remember to consider that display homes come already landscaped and fully furnished and will be spruced up with all the add-ons. Make sure you ask what is actually involved in the package you are purchasing.

What If There’s A Problem?

This is where establishing a strong relationship with your builder comes into play. Communication is key to any job, from start until far beyond the finish. Be sure your builder is able to contact you if something happens to go awry, or they need your approval before going ahead on something.

Ask what their best method of contact is – whether call, email or otherwise.

Still Got Questions? We’re On Your Side!

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