My experience with house building has been variable. Always presented with some problems that make the construction more expensive or a delay to finish. The bigger the house the more complicated and bigger the risk for problems. This was not my experience with Carrell Group when I contracted to build my dream home (third house I build and hopefully the last one).

During construction we confronted some problems, but quick professional solutions were presented to me. No additional delays and no extra cost. The team was excellent and we were updated frequently trough construction.

The best part of my experience with Carrell Group was, we became part of the family. We were new in town and we already felt we have a group of new friends all the way from management to employees in the home site. They always showed that they care about us happy with their work and the quality of the product.

The final product was excellent. Giving me a house that went over my expectations, because they care and they are proud of what they do.

Thank you for a great job.