Living on the waterfront in the NC coast is beautiful and has many advantages, but it is also a challenging environment for a house. With no buffer, the house is daily subjected to strong winds, salt air, and ocean noises. Then during any type of storm, the water and wind are fierce!

The ICF concept is ideal for this environment. Its benefits are many, but I summarized them by saying “that the house is tight …almost like sealed”. Noise is minimal, water issues are of little concern because it’s only building foam and concrete. It is less susceptible to the water and the wind does not permeate the house like if it was wood.

The build process was trouble free and relatively brief. It was the design and customer service that were essential and what I think differentiated carrell Homes. Beginning with the planning, the folks at Carrell designed a beautiful home working with us to meet our family needs, at no charge. Then when it was completed they walked their talk with strong customer service. At all levels of the organization they were focused on making it right. They have been very responsive to service concerns, even years after the home was built.

I looked and found a responsive and professional builder in Carrell Homes.