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The Plans Issue! Carrell’s Integrity &Quality Evident in Final Handshake

These days, it’s rare for the owner of a homebuilding company to stand with homeowners on Closing Day to present the keys, shake hands, and confidently introduce clients to their new dream homes. At Carrell Group, we are so confident in the integrity of our process and the quality of the homes we build, that we are excited and proud to stand face-to-face with our clients to present them their keys on closing day. Often, there are no shortage of hugs, “thank yous,” and tears of joy shared on this once –in-a-lifetime day.

Designing and building a home with our homeowners is a long process, sometimes a several year relationship. Though a process that long can never be perfect, you want to select a builder who will treat you honestly and fairly every step of the way, and a builder who is proud to shake hands on Closing Day to give you the keys to your beautiful new home. At Carrell Group, we do just that. We hope these pictures, and the hundreds of others regularly posted on Facebook, are tangible proof to you as to why you should select a tried and true builder like the Carrell Group to build your next home.