Dear Mary (Carrell Group Building Partner),

Would you please be so kind as to send this e-mail to all those who helped to build our new, beautiful house in NC? We would like you to include any vendors or workers who you think we should contact as well.

We want to thank everyone very, very much for all your efforts in putting together our lovely house. Our heartfelt thanks extends not only to the Carrell Group, but of course, to the wonderful people at Grand Designs also. We thank all of you for your hard work, your skills, your patience and your understanding. All of you made this process of building a house long distance as painless as possible for us.

I was the more skeptical one thinking how could we build a house from NY, but both the Carrell Group and Grand Designs put my fears aside bringing forth their professionalism. While we appreciated everyone’s input, we also appreciated everyone’s respect for our tweaking certain things to be more of our own style.

We welcome any new prospective clients you may have to walk through our house. We are as proud of it as all of you should be too since it was your hard work and dedication that turned out this final beautiful product.

Thank you very much.