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How Much Of A Deposit Does A First Time Home Owner Need


If you’re consider getting into the market to become a first time home owner, there are many important considerations you will need to make. Among the most crucial of those is determining how much of a deposit you will need to build your first home.

Getting to a comfortable level, enough money for a home deposit is one of the many major accomplishments for first-home buyers. However, we’re never really sure what we should be aiming for. Through this article, we will provide you with some much needed clarification on this concern.

How Much Of A Deposit Will I Need?

While it will indeed vary from bank to bank, lender to lender, some banks will be prepared to provide you with a loan that sits around the 20% mark, while others will be less generous with as little as 5%

The More You Save

The more you are able to save the better, of coarse. Lenders will see this as appealing and attractive, and become more enticed to offer you an increased amount.

It’s well worth waiting an extra number of months and watching your amount grow.

If you aren’t able to save 20% of your mortgage, you may have to pay mortgage insurance. However, saving for a few more months may be worthwhile to avoid paying & have more money for the actual price of your dream home.

It’s vitally important to factor in these increases when you’re making decisions when and how much you would like to borrow.

What Other Costs Are Being Charged?


Largely depending on which state you’re building in, first-home buyer concessions can help cut down on a number of the additional costs typically associated with buying a home.

If you’re wanting to build in Victoria, there’s no stamp duty payable on any property up to $600,000.

For homes worth $750,000 and beyond, there is an expectation to pay duties around 5% of the total purchase price ($40,000 on a $750,000 home). With this knowledge, you can apply for that extra cost to be added onto your loan – meaning the amount will slightly increase.

Everything will add up, there a number of smaller fees which may fall under the guard. For example, conveyance, title transfers and alike may mean an additional couple thousand dollars you will require.

Construction Home Loan Versus Regular Home Loan

In short, a construction home loan can provide one of two options – a fixed or variable option. Again, this depends on the lender and the loan product. It’s a concern of doing your background investigation on which bank you go with.

Generally speaking, the majority of lenders should offer you the same or similar interest rates for either loan. The key difference between the two is that money drawn down in stages as it is needed.

How Can Carrell Group Work

Here at Carrell Group, we can provide you with all the information you will need under any and all circumstance! Whether you’re a first home builder, or seeking to purchase an additional property, we have you covered.

For further information regarding this or any other issue, don’t hesitate to speak with one of our home building professionals on 843-399-4299. You can also book a call online.


Carrell Group is the leading Myrtle Beach Custom Home Builder dedicated to residential custom homes and land development. As an custom home builder, Carrell Group helps new home owners identify and compare new home designs, house and land packages and land estates. It’s the smart way home buyers, who are considering a new build, can find the ideal options to match their individual needs. Home building is a big decision, we make sure you get it right.

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Should You Build a Single or Double Story Custom Home?


It’s vitally important to consider everything and everyone when selecting a single or double storey house plans. For this, you will need to pick a floor plan that expertly caters to you and your family’s needs, both now and down the track. Be sure to factor in personal preference and lifestyle needs, then match them in accordance with block size and budget. There are so many other aspects of this decision-making which need to be accounted for, of course.

There is no right or wrong way to go about building your ideal home, both sides have their pros and cons. Through this, we will highlight a few points to assist you in deciding between a single or double storey home plan.


Perhaps the most important to consider – what’s best for you and your family. Your family require a home in which they can grow, a place that caters to everybody’s needs. If you are not at that stage yet, will you be there years from now? Will you be able to eventually downsize, and how much property value can it potentially have if you are wanting to move on?

View things from a sensible, more practical approach; a single-storey plan may be more appealing due to its lower maintenance. Someone in your home may struggle walking up and down stairs because of injuries or disabilities, meaning a single-storey home is best for them. When it comes to watching the children, a single-storey certainly has its benefits – everybody will remain on the same level.

Land Size

Save on front and back yard space by building a double-storey home that builds upwards, instead of sprawling outwards. This option has become increasingly popular as land prices increase and block sizes get smaller.

If you are willing to sacrifice outdoor space, a single-storey home is your preferable option. This generally takes up far more space. However, it does mean you will be able to build generously-sized living areas and bedrooms, and any additional rooms you see fit.

Adding Value

While a lot has to do with location, also consider the aspect of your property. If your land has a scenic outlook, then the opportunity to build a double-storey home presents itself. Capture and showcase any views and instantly add value to your house.

In this instance, building upward will assist you in capturing any natural light (and in summer, a cool breeze). A double-storey design will also provide a deluxe appearance among other homes on your street, offering an even greater appeal.

Heating and Cooling

The cost of both heating and cooling a single-storey home is far cheaper. It’s important to consider that the temperature of the up and downstairs will differ with inconsistent temperature zones. Separate systems will be needed for up and downstairs, creating an all new set of costly hassles. Looking at a single-storey home, heating and cooling is far more straightforward, will definitely be cheaper, and offer better circulation.

Using Space

While it could be spun as an advantage or disadvantage, depending on prerogative, the common perception of building upward is that you will get a home for less of your lot. This means that there may be a lot of unused space. This depends a lot on your home’s layout, but also how practical and innovative you can be.

Others may perceive the extra space as an advantage, however. Having a second storey presents opportunity for versatility among unused space – think along the lines of multi-purposed areas.

Your Next Step

While you could make an argument for both single and double-storey design plans, the decision is going to come down to preferences between you and your family. If you’re still unsure of your next move, be it onward or upward, Carrell Group can help!

For more information regarding the decision-making process in custom home building opportunities, be sure to speak with our home building experts at Carrell Group at 843-399-4299.


Carrell Group is the leading Myrtle Beach Custom Home Builder dedicated to residential custom homes and land development. As an custom home builder, Carrell Group helps new home owners identify and compare new home designs, house and land packages and land estates. It’s the smart way home buyers, who are considering a new build, can find the ideal options to match their individual needs. Home building is a big decision, we make sure you get it right.

Custom Home Builder

New Home Construction Myrtle Beach

Choosing a Colour Schemes for your New Home

Tips for Choosing a Colour Schemes for your New Home

Choosing a Colour Schemes for your New Home and Creating colour schemes is one of the more creative and exciting steps for the design of your new home. The colour palettes that you choose to fill your home is an important decision that dictates the atmosphere that is produced in the different rooms of your house. If you have no idea where to start, we have 6 tips for you in order to get smart about colours and ensure that you create a living environment that you love and feel comfortable in.

Create Mood Boards

Choosing a Colour Schemes for your New Home

When planning for something visual, the best way to explore what you like and what will be complimentary is by physically putting snippets together to discover how different combinations make you feel, as well as what you are drawn to. Pinterest is an amazing place to go to find colours and images of home designs that inspire you. Ask yourself how you want to feel in your home, as colours palettes can have major impacts on our moods. Earthy colours can make us feel cozy, whereas brighter tones are more stimulant.

Contrast Warm and Cool

It is important to have some balance in your home when working with colours, contrasting warm and cool colours can create the perfect bliss point for your rooms. Warm colours include those made with red, orange and yellow combinations. Visually these colours create a sense of being closer in a room, which is a trick for larger rooms that you want to make feel cozier. Cool colours are a typical mix of blues and greens, as well as delicate purples. Visually they have the opposite effect on rooms, causing them to appear larger and less enclosed.

Get Smart About Colour

Whether you think there is value to it or not, sometimes getting a little bit technical about colour can really help. You may of heard of the rule of thirds – it is very handy in the world of design! The rule of thirds involves using three different colours in each room – usually leaning towards one standout colour, with the other two less present, following a 60% – 30% – 10% rule. If you are looking for a visually balanced space this might be worth considering.

Samples. Samples. Samples

Choosing a Colour Schemes for your New Home

Particularly for choosing wall colours it can be so beneficial to purchase samples in order to get an accurate presentation of how a certain paint will look in your home. Paint small areas of your wall and see how they present themselves with the amount of light in that space – this way you can be sure about the choices your making.

Choose With Your Heart

At the end of the day YOU are going to be living in your home and YOU should be happy with the colours you choose. Browse display homes with an array of colour schemes so that you know how it feels to physically step inside them. Find out exactly what you love, and how you prefer your home to make you feel. Browse trends but also remember that is it important to let yourself naturally gravitate to what makes you feel comfortable.

Use our website to explore more inspiration for your new custom home by browsing our home design page or contact Carrell Group for more information regarding custom home designs to help inspire your new home. You can talk to one of our expert consultants by phone at 843-399-4299 or email at


Carrell Group is the leading Myrtle Beach Custom Home Builder dedicated to residential custom homes and land development. As an custom home builder, Carrell Group helps new home owners identify and compare new home designs, house and land packages and land estates. It’s the smart way home buyers, who are considering a new build, can find the ideal options to match their individual needs. Home building is a big decision, we make sure you get it right.

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Your Free Checklist For Finding Builders You Love


The process of building a new home can be daunting. It is important that you don’t let yourself get overwhelmed with the process. One of the crucial factors during this process is finding builders that you can trust, know and eventually come to love.

Eliminate any stresses or confusions by creating your own personal questions checklist:

Are they licensed, trade certified and insured?

This is a standard check which should not be neglected. All of the builders on our site are certified. Here, we review all of the builders to guarantee that they have the right certification.

Have you contacted experts in the field?


Once you’ve identified and mapped out your home, supply us with your details and we can easily connect you to the builders you need, along with industry insider tips and any additional advice you’ll need.

Have you asked to view previous projects?

While not all builders will have readily available display homes for you to see, it may be a good idea to speak with the builder about talking to their past clients and getting their opinion. You should be asking whether or not the builder was easy to work with, how the property looks, and whether all processes were managed professionally and with minimal fuss.

Have you gained an understanding of their workmanship and ethic?

Again, to gain an understanding as to their workmanship and ethic, it is well worth spending time with them and having several discussions about their past works. Consider that there is diversity between larger builders who are able to promote their own brand values and general workmanship, while smaller builders who are away from the spotlight, are quieter on this front.

How long have they been in business?

All our member builders are established and have a solid financial position. It is important to have a great understanding over this, as it could potentially impact production aspects down the line.

What is their average building time?


Ask how long the construction will take, but also consider asking how long it will take the builder to arrive at the work site and actually commence clearing your block and laying the slab. Factor in that reasonable delays, such as wet weather for instance, are part of the process and are more than expected.

What do they offer in terms of interior decoration and colour advice?

For the most part, builders have an expert team that will help you make your final colour selection, assisting you in making sure your home will turn out exactly the way you want it. It is important to note that if you are building in an estate, you have to choose exterior colours which match that developer guidelines – again, a design team will be assigned to help guide you through this process.

Are you able to make any specific selections/ modifications ?

Some builders, but not all, will allow you to make your home more custom and can offer you a fair sense of freedom. There are costs involved with this, however. It’s simply a matter of balancing costs versus the reward. An effective way to add a personalised touch that is mostly off-the-plan is to put aside some money for a fun lighting plan. There are a tonne of cost effective ways featured here.

How can Carrell Group help

For more custom home building information contact the Carrell Group by phone at 843-399-4299 or email at


Carrell Group is the leading Myrtle Beach Custom Home Builder dedicated to residential custom homes and land development. As an custom home builder, Carrell Group helps new home owners identify and compare new home designs, house and land packages and land estates. It’s the smart way home buyers, who are considering a new build, can find the ideal options to match their individual needs. Home building is a big decision, we make sure you get it right.

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How to Choose a Custom Home Builder – Down to Brass Tacks!

How to Choose a Custom Home Builder – Down to Brass Tacks!

Choosing a custom home builder can be daunting. In Myrtle Beach, there is no licensing or ‘watchdog agency’ to which consumers can turn if building the home of their dreams turns into a nightmare. This is how the consumer can end up with a situation Unlike your attorney or even your barber, there is no agency to keep a home builder from bad behavior. Just like this news story from the Better Business Bureau about a very well-known custom home builder who left clients with shattered dreams, all too often stories like this emerge. Even more frustrating than the original incident, a home builder can just rename his company and come back again under a new name.  There is no one watching, and therefore, nothing to keep it from happening over and over again. So, how can one determine how to choose a custom home builder?

Within the custom home industry, there are a wide variety of people who call themselves custom home builders. From the “Chuck in a truck” – essentially a person with a truck and a business card – to those who have years of experience, all have the right to call themselves custom home builders according to South Carolina law. Since it’s caveat emptor or ‘buyer beware’, it is crucial to adequately research the company you are considering hiring to build your home. Someone recently asked, “After three decades of building homes in Myrtle Beach, if you were looking for a builder, what questions would you ask them?” These are some of the questions we would definitely ask:

  • How long have you been in business under your current business name?  (You can then verify this answer in the South Carolina Name Filing Database, which is public information.)
  • Have you ever had a court judgement against you, personally, or your company?
  • Have you or any company you were partner in, been sued?
  • Have you ever declared bankruptcy?
  • What is your educational background and what training have you had in the industry?
  • Do you own any spec homes or owe money on lots or land?  If so, how long have they been sitting and what is their status?

If these questions seem invasive, just remember – this is not just a business transaction you are making. It is much, much more. This is the company which will be building one of your most-valued investments, the place which will house the people who matter most to you. The individuals building your home should be dedicated and passionate about their craft and have spent a lifetime learning and improving it. A likable personality is not an adequate benchmark. Knowing that your home builder has financial strength and a sound business means that your builder will be therethroughout the project and for many years afterward.

Unfortunately, many builders are relatively new at running a business, even if they have experience building a home. As such, they have either closed their doors or restructured their businesses because of heavy debt.  Just as in any other industry, a good builder will manage his/her business affairs properly and stay in business for many years. This will ensure the company is invested in being around to take care of your new custom home. What you don’t want is what happened in the recent news story, referenced earlier, where the builder was using cash from new projects to pay for unpaid expenses from other projects. Eventually, that will catch up to any business and cause it to fail.

More Steps to Help You Choose a Custom Home Builder

Here are some additional steps you can take to learn everything there is to know about your builder. These may help distinguish the reputable builder from the one who will finish half your home then disappear in the night, leaving you with a huge mess. None of these, taken alone, will be a guarantee; however, a story may emerge after looking at all of them together.

  • After you narrow it down, call the local municipality and ask for the building inspection department. Ask their opinion about the one or two builders that you are considering. If it is a small municipality, they will know most of the builders in the area and will have inspected their projects.
  • Call a few local vendors (a lumber supplier, for instance) and ask if the builder’s accounts are in good standing. This information will give you one more piece of the puzzle. Some builder’s credit is so bad that they can’t get the materials they need to build homes without getting enough cash together or using credit cards.
  • Do a Public Records Search. Contact an attorney who has access to judgments against anyone you are considering. Ask them to do a public records search. You want to know if the company changed names recently and other important data that might tell the whole story.

In the end, doing your homework can save you huge headaches. When people tell us about their nightmare experiences with past builders, they often say, “I just can’t believe it! He was such a nice guy and seemed so knowledgeable.” Unfortunately, a winsome personality can only take you so far. Following these time-tested techniques should help you choose a custom home builder who builds you a great home and takes care of your home for many years to come.

The Carrell Group is one of South Carolina’s most successful and respected private homebuilding companies. Since 1987, we have been dedicated to building homes that are a superior blend of architectural design, quality craftsmanship, and attention to detail. We constantly challenge ourselves to build the best possible home, with the right features and materials & we are committed to making sure that each family continues to be satisfied with and excited about their new customhome. Contact us today by phone  (843) 399-4299   or email below and learn more about the Carrell Group difference!


Carrell Group is the leading Myrtle Beach Custom Home Builder dedicated to residential custom homes and land development. As an custom home builder, Carrell Group helps new home owners identify and compare new home designs, house and land packages and land estates. It’s the smart way home buyers, who are considering a new build, can find the ideal options to match their individual needs. Home building is a big decision, we make sure you get it right.

Top 10 Design Ideas for Your New Kitchen in 2018

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home. Homeowners and guests spend a lot of time here, cooking and socializing; and the quality of that time can be greatly impacted by how the kitchen is designed. Poor functionality leads to inefficiency and, ultimately, frustration and dissatisfaction with the kitchen and the home. Kitchens are constantly innovating both in style and function. Here are the top 10 design ideas for your new kitchen in 2018 to consider when designing a new kitchen.

Extra Refrigeration

Consider “point of use refrigeration” in addition to your main refrigerator. Your first thought might be a beverage cooler, which is a great start, but also think about installing one for produce or meat right beside your prep station.

Get Serious About Storage 

Think beyond the deep drawers and extra cabinets: you want well-designed storage solutions with appropriate spaces for small appliances, food items, and more. When there’s truly a place for everything, it’s easier to stay organized.

Concealed Appliances

Induction stoves, refrigerators that look like cabinets, and microwave drawers (as shown below) create a sleek, cohesive look for your kitchen, especially if it’s an open concept that blends into your living room.

top 10 design ideas for your new kitchen in 2018

Top 10 Design Ideas for Your New Kitchen in 2018

Microwave Drawer

In a brilliant combination move, you can conceal a walk-in pantry behind regular cabinet doors: you maintain your sleek design and take advantage of optimum storage at the same time.

High Tech

Bluetooth-connected appliances allow for smoother multi-tasking. Automatic faucets make it easy to wash produce and dishes, and you’ll probably save water while you do it. Don’t forget to include energy-efficient washers, dryers, washing machines, and more.

Composite Countertops

Looking for a unique, eco-friendly option for countertops?

“Formed from materials such as fly ash or recycled paper, composite countertops inhibit the growth of bacteria and resist stains, scratches and heat. Most are free of VOCs, emit no radon gasses, and are considered food safe.”

You might need to seal the countertop, but that’s necessary for certain stone countertops, as well.

Go Gray in the Kitchen

Though white is still a great option for kitchen cabinets, it’s slightly darker cousin is getting a lot of attention lately, too. HGTV is calling gray the new white. A fun way to incorporate it is to go grey on the island or just the base cabinets in the kitchen. If gray isn’t your thing, shades of blue also make a nice contrast with lighter-tone cabinets. Even the wood flooring can bring in shades of gray if desired.

top 10 design ideas for your new kitchen in 2018

Go Bold

Bold, look-at-me hardware is fun, and the trend extends to lighting fixtures. Your kitchen hardware can draw attention because of size, shape, color, or “bling” (like these at right); so get creative when choosing knobs and handles.

Best Kitchen Design Ideas Hardware“Big, bold and in long widths, this new, chunky look demands attention as an important design element in the kitchen. Warm finishes in brass, copper, bronzes continue to be strong, but black and polished or satin silvers such as nickel work just as well in these bigger, more modern designs.”

Multi-Purpose Sink

You know the sink has to be big, but there are options beyond size to consider. Draining grates and cutting boards that fit into a groove to slide without slipping are easily removed for washing, but they allow you to transform your sink into a full work station with less mess. When you go really big, you can install two faucets and make space for two people to work at once, perfect for hosting large dinner parties or family meals where everyone shares in the prep work.

Hardwood Floors

In the kitchen? Hear us out. This allows for a seamless kitchen-to-living-space look in an open concept, and hardwood floors are tough. Choosing a hardwood like oak or maple will help it last and last, despite the high volume of traffic in the area. Plus, “Solid hardwood flooring can be refinished 10 to 12 times during it’s typical 100-year lifespan.”

top 10 design ideas for your new kitchen in 2018

Wood Floors

If you’re concerned about the upkeep, go with wood-patterned tile: it’s easy to clean and care for, and these look-alikes are getting so good you’ll hardly notice it’s not real wood.

Polished Concrete

Great for floors or counters, polished concrete offers a wide range of colors and patterns. It’s long-lasting and resilient, perfect for your high-traffic kitchen. It does have to be sealed, as it is more porous than tile. However, it will stand up really well to pets, people, and parties.

Whatever you envision for your home, we can help. You can view our recent projects page by clicking HERE

Carrell Group, custom home builders in Myrtle Beach SC will help you create and build the custom home of your dreams. As a trusted Myrtle Beach custom home builder for more than 31 years we believe that the customers experience is paramount and we strive to provide an unparalleled product that exceeds expectations.

Custom Home Builder Myrtle Beach

Trusted Myrtle Beach Custom Home Builder

Why Choose Carrell Group to Build on Your Custom Home in Myrtle Beach?


From site selection to design, Carrell Group has the resources and experience to give you exactly what you are looking for when building your dream home in Myrtle Beach. To date, Carrell Group has built thousands of custom homes throught  Myrtle Beach & all of Horry County, South Carolina as well as Georgetown and Brunswick county. In the coastal carolina area the Carrell Group’s portfolio includes thousands of custom “on your lot” homes ranging from Estates on the the Intracoastal waterway to one-of-a-kind homes in private communities and rural areas. Carrell Group has built its reputation one home at a time…

Trusted Myrtle Beach Custom Home Builder-Kitchens and Living Rooms May 2018

Recognized Excellence: Over the past 31 years the Carrell Group has won hundred’s of Award’s for excellence in custom home building & custom home design.
Convenience: In-house home design team at less cost than most architectural firms
Customization: Ability to blend or customize Carrell Group’s pre-designed plans
Value: Volume purchasing power of one of the largest custom home builders in the carolina’s
Peace of Mind: Financial stability from a well established, 31 year old Myrtle Beach company
Cutting Edge Quality: Cerified Fortified home builder, High tech, energy efficient construction validated
Personal Service: Complimentary consultation to discuss design, budget, lot fit, site cost with an estimate
Record of Success: We will furnish you with a list of satisfied customers on request or view or click here to view our  happy home owners page 

New construction or home renovation, Carrell Group creates custom homes that fit today’s lifestyle. Our detail-driven professionals and skilled artisans make up a team that consistently designs, builds, and renovates South Carolina’s most sought-after homes.

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Designed Around Your Life

Do you love your neighborhood, but need an upgrade on your home? Our dedicated team will work with you from start to finish, providing the expertise and experience to bring your dream home to life.

Are you ready to make a move? Our new homes are designed and built with luxury in every detail. With living spaces that work, spacious retreats, and all ideally suited for today’s home owner. We cherish the vitality and character of our unique areas. Our distinctive custom home designs give you the home you’ve always wanted while preserving the individual personality, integrity, and charm of the neighborhood you value.

Our homes reflect the Myrtle Beach you love. What can we do for you?

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Carrell Group hosts open house at our newest model home…”The Bristol”

Easter weekend was a great time to visit Myrtle Beach…and visit our newest model home… “The Bristol”. If you didn’t recieve an invitation to our open house, you can visit this model home at your convenience. It is typically open and staffed with a Carrell Group team member everyday of the week. However, we suggest if you are making a trip from outside the area, you contact us to arrange a tour (800-533-2393).

The Bristol is a beautiful example of “Coastal Cottage” architecture…and is furnished and accessorized by our talented team at Grand Designs. …

Summer/ Fall 2013 Newsletter, 26 Years… and Counting!

Carrell Group has just released its latest newsletter, for Summer/Fall 2013. Due to such great feedback from prospective clients, we’ve continued to expand the topics covered in each new publication.

We hope anyone reading our Carrell Group Newsletter will find useful information in one or many of the articles. The articles in our latest edition include many hot topics: Further Price per Sf discussion, new model homes under construction, Crawlspace vs. Slab building, Fixed Cost building in Georgetown County, and another entertaining “Carrell-lina Lifestyle” section. …