Despite the recession and construction drought of the past several years, we are seeing great residential trends in the Coastal Carolina region, specifically Myrtle Beach, Georgetown, and Brunswick County. Why? We believe:

    • Low Cost of Living: Our area has a low cost of living, which allows Buyers to achieve a lot of house compared to what they could achieve in more expensive coastal towns (like Charleston, Florida, Northern Coastal towns). A bigger house with more rooms and bathrooms are often more private and inviting for visitors to come and stay.
  • Baby Boomers Want New Beginnings: Though many of our Baby Boomer clients are retiring or close to retiring, they have decades left to live. They want a new life and new beginning to share with their children, grandchildren, and even close friends who will visit or perhaps move with them!
  • Family and Friend Relocation: As the kids, grandkids, and friends begin to visit and enjoy themselves, we know the real goal of our Baby Boomer owners is to convince their families and friends to move here with them. We can name many occasions where either an adult child or close friend has eventually moved to the area for this reason. As our resident population grows, we are seeing more jobs in the area or slightly outside of the area (Florence, Wilmington, etc), making relocation for family and friends much more possible and inviting.
  • Grandchildren: our area has a multitude of great entertainment options for children. After all, kids love the beach! Couple that with all the other kid friendly activities in a tourist town, and our Baby Boomers can live where the grandkids will want to visit! If it takes cotton candy and rides to get them to come, our Baby Boomers will splurge.!!!!
  • Weather: we are building an exorbitant number of outdoor living spaces. In this area, these spaces are enjoyable for around 9-10 months out of the year. That’s more than the hottest areas of Georgia and Florida, or the coldest areas of the North.
  • Hobbies: MANY of our homeowners have a wealth of hobbies, experiences, and passions that are easy to pursue here. Many of them move here and start small businesses (barriers to entry are low here), get new jobs (realtors) and explore new hobbies (piloting, boating, wine making, antique car collecting, and many others) once they arrive. In fact, we’ve seen some clients run for office!
  • Golfing: This is a no brainer. For retirees, they cannot find a better priced area to build a home near the most courses and best priced golfing in the world.
  • Sports Leisure and Water Recreation: Our area is growing by leaps and bounds in the booming sports leisure industry. We have unlimited water access for boating, fishing, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, surfing, etc. Every few months, there are more and more classes, tours, and other offerings that show a growing trend for water sports in this area. In addition, marathons/ triathlons/ running/ cycling events are literally offered every weekend!.
  • Restaurants and shopping: for a tourist area, we must be in the running for the most restaurants and shopping per capita in the country. With thousands of great restaurants and shopping, it’s rare that residents and their visitors get bored or hungry.

We’ve watched these trends evolve for 25 years and believe Myrtle Beach and its surrounding areas will be a growing community for many years to come!