building lasting relationships with our clients

We truly enjoy building beautiful homes. It’s this enthusiasm that shows in our work and the lasting relationships we form with our clients.  The clients in the pictures above and testimonials below are why we enjoy coming to work every day!

We work hard to meet our client’s expectations, and this hard work has rewarded us with many kind compliments from satisfied homeowners speaking to their level of satisfaction with our work. Many of these clients are proud to show-off the custom homes they have built with us, by kindly inviting us to photograph them. Our portfolio features images of Carrell Group homes and examples of our construction work.

  • "

    Dear Bruce,

    I'd like to extend my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for everything that went into our Grand Dunes' home renovation. From planning, through construction and to completion, the level of service from Carrell has been outstanding.

    When we first met with Grant to look at our existing home and talk about the vision, we knew with certainty we had found the right team for the job. The follow-up meeting we had with the group (you, Grant, Dayna, Richie the extraordinary group of designers from Grand Design) was the beginning of something very special.

    When Richie and I met in December, he told me we'd be in the house by March 28th. What followed that meeting was one of the worst winters we've had in over two decades, including the ice storm that crippled the south. Despite the weather problems, you not only came in on schedule, but on budget! I have spent my entire life in construction; I know the challenges that weather and budget can present. You and your team have risen to every occasion and forged forward.

    Our Myrtle Beach home is where our family escapes for time together. Our children have grown-up there, we now take our grandchildren every summer. You have not just given us an addition to a house; you have given us a home that can now accommodate our growing family. Memory making moments will take place there and I can't wait to break in the family room, the new bar and enjoy all the room we have to spread out, yet still be together. The addition is stunning; we can't wait to share it with the kids. We couldn't have done it without you. We wouldn't have wanted to do it without you.

    Our sincerest thanks to you and your wonderful team, you have our endless gratitude!

     Mike & Kathy Holupka

    cc:        Grant DuBose, VP

    Dayna Shearer, Building Partner

    Richie Carter, Superintendent

    Sonya Carrell & the team at Grand Design


    Mike and Kathy Holupka

    Grande Dunes, Calais Section, 2014
  • "Dear Mary (Carrell Group Building Partner), Would you please be so kind as to send this e-mail to all those who helped to build our new, beautiful house in NC? We would like you to include any vendors or workers who you think we should contact as well. We want to thank everyone very, very much for all your efforts in putting together our lovely house. Our heartfelt thanks extends not only to the Carrell Group, but of course, to the wonderful people at Grand Designs also. We thank all of you for your hard work, your skills, your patience and your understanding. All of you made this process of building a house long distance as painless as possible for us. I was the more skeptical one thinking how could we build a house from NY, but both the Carrell Group and Grand Designs put my fears aside bringing forth their professionalism. While we appreciated everyone’s input, we also appreciated everyone’s respect for our tweaking certain things to be more of our own style. We welcome any new prospective clients you may have to walk through our house. We are as proud of it as all of you should be too since it was your hard work and dedication that turned out this final beautiful product. Thank you very much. Sincerely,"

    Diane & John Serbetzian

    Ocean Ridge Plantation, 2013
  • "We have been in our new home built by Carrell Group for six months now and still love it as much as we did the day we moved in. When we were looking for a vacation home in Myrtle Beach that could possibly be our future retirement home we looked at all kinds of styles, locations, and sizes. We found a lot of stuff we liked and probably more things we didn't. A realtor in Grande Dunes suggested we spend a little time with Bruce and we went to his house, sat down with him and Grant and told them about what we had seen. He took notes, asked us a lot of questions, and we left to go have lunch. When we returned the next day he already had developed a floor plan incorporating all of our favorite things sitting on the lot we had picked out! It didn't take long for us to sign a contract and get our new house construction underway. I can tell you that building from the ground up is an experience and doing it from another state makes it much more challenging. However, our building partner Mary and our foreman Richie were outstanding in keeping us informed about progress and insuring that key decisions were made in a timely manner to keep the project moving. Now that we have been here for a while it is clear that the quality of the workmanship is excellent. It looked great when it was finished and it still is as beautiful as when we moved in. The few minor issues that have come up have been quickly resolved by Dutch. We are very happy and I'd highly recommend anyone building a home in the area meet with Bruce and consider Carrell Group as their builder."

    Mike and Robin Bickel

    Grande Dunes, 2013
  • "My experience with house building has been variable. Always presented with some problems that make the construction more expensive or a delay to finish. The bigger the house the more complicated and bigger the risk for problems. This was not my experience with Carrell Group when I contracted to build my dream home (third house I build and hopefully the last one). During construction we confronted some problems, but quick professional solutions were presented to me. No additional delays and no extra cost. The team was excellent and we were updated frequently trough construction. The best part of my experience with Carrell Group was, we became part of the family. We were new in town and we already felt we have a group of new friends all the way from management to employees in the home site. They always showed that they care about us happy with their work and the quality of the product. The final product was excellent. Giving me a house that went over my expectations, because they care and they are proud of what they do. Thank you for a great job."

    Ken, Aly, Joshua and Ariana | Santiago Family

    Grande Dunes, 2012
  • "This is to serve as a testimonial regarding our home building experience with the Carrell Group. From the beginning, the efforts on the part of our “Building Partner”, Teri Kaufmann, who diligently worked with us even before we went to contract through the post-closing attention from Dutch Schaffer, the entire experience has been one of complete satisfaction. This was our fourth time building a home, and this was by far the most satisfying experience. The quality of the workmanship, the attention to detail and excellent communications made for a positive, collaborative environment throughout the entire building process. Most importantly has been the commitment to excellence demonstrated in the timely follow up to any issues that have some up since the close. I commend the entire group at Carrell for their professionalism and for a beautiful home."

    Jeff & Patti Elsen

    Ocean Ridge Plantation, 2012
  • "When we decided we wanted a custom home built, we went through the design process with several builders. We selected the Carrell Group because they provided timely responses, experience, patience, and overall excellent service. We could not be more thrilled with the way our home turned out. Our building partner worked with us throughout the process to make selections, provide progress updates, and handle changes that came up along the way. Once we were ready to move in, contact continued with the Carrell Group to work through our punch list and guide us through a couple of features available with our new home. They handled our concerns quickly and followed up to verify that no additional issues arose. They have always been professional, courteous, and accommodating. They took our vision and turned it into our own little oasis. Overall, we are extremely pleased with the Carrell Group's performance and would not hesitate to recommend them to those considering building a custom home."

    Joe & Lori Stewart

    Sago Plantation, Myrtle Beach, 2012
  • "We are very happy owners of our new Carrell home! We selected Carrell among several local builders, and were particularly impressed by how many homeowners from other Carrell homes allowed access to be able to see the various end products as we were making our decision. That spoke volumes about the relationship the Carrell team develops with their clients, and the quality and pride of their workmanship. We were able to fully customize our home to our tastes, and we found the Carrell team to have a very good "design eye" when it came to incorporating a few distinctive features that we wanted. The process of building a home can be very challenging - especially from afar - and there are a myriad of choices to be made on a Carrell custom home. We found the process of having a specific Building Partner assigned to work with us on every aspect of our home from start to finish to be a very valuable part of the Carrell building process. We had about daily contact with our Building Partner throughout the process, and she was an excellent point person to provide updates, answer questions, help with design choices, work through any issues, and generally oversee the process on our behalf. We found all of the employees and vendors that were associated with the building of our Carrell home to be very friendly, accommodating, and professional. We have been in our home for about three months now, and have also been impressed with the follow-up from the Carrell Group on our punch list items. In summary, we are very satisfied customers, and would highly recommend the Carrell Group to anyone considering a new home or renovation."

    Doug and Maureen Ralph

    Grande Dunes, February 2013
  • "When we decided to purchase a second home, a lot of choices came to mind. South Carolina was chosen and then Myrtle Beach. A house in The Dunes came next because of its proximity to the beach. The house was older and to say it needed some work would be an understatement. Who to choose to handle a whole house remodel? The Carrell Group was chosen and the remodeling began. Their ability to offer integrated services was the primary reason for our choice. Access to interior design, architectural expertise, lighting, flooring, HVAC and more under one firm made our remodel seamless. Remodeling while living in Virginia was a challenge but the Carrell Group made it easy. Many thanks to Bruce, Grant and the entire group from our family. We wish our second home was our primary home!"

    Tami and Jeff Eggleston

    The Dunes, 2011
  • "We made our first contact with Carrell Builders in 2009. Even though we were unable to proceed with building a home at that time, Teri Kaufman was gracious enough to show us several Carrell built homes. Late in 2010, we decided to pursue building on a lot that we had purchased in Sea Trail in 2003. We again contacted Carrell Builders and Teri along with Bruce Carrell showed us several homes with floor plans that had the openness we desired. With these floor plans as a basis and with additional inquires from Bruce, Carrell Builders designed a floor plan that became our dream home. During the construction process, we interacted with nearly all the staff of Carrell Builders. They were always very professional, courteous and did their very best to meet our expectations. This is the type of builder everyone wants but cannot always find. We put our confidence in Carrell Builders and they did not disappoint us.  "

    Tim and Elsie Underhill

    507 Planters Ridge Drive Sunset Beach, NC 2011
  • "Our initial contact with Carrell Group was with Teri Kaufman. She responded to our questions so promptly that anyone would have been impressed. She was always willing to answer our numerous questions and work to solve all the challenging issues which stem from building a home from scratch. Throughout the entire work process, every person either employed by Carrell Group or associated with them were always courteous to us, responsive and professional in their presentations and numerous meetings with us. They went above and beyond several times to help us work through unexpected issues. Their building quality is far above average and when there have been corrections or changes needed, they were there to work through those as well and as cost efficiently as possible for us. We love our new home and we would recommend Carrell Group highly, as they were recommended to us."

    Ginny & Don Taylor

    561 Fairburn Court Calabash, NC 2011
  • "Living on the waterfront in the NC coast is beautiful and has many advantages, but it is also a challenging environment for a house. With no buffer, the house is daily subjected to strong winds, salt air, and ocean noises. Then during any type of storm, the water and wind are fierce! The ICF concept is ideal for this environment. Its benefits are many, but I summarized them by saying "that the house is tight ...almost like sealed". Noise is minimal, water issues are of little concern because it’s only building foam and concrete. It is less susceptible to the water and the wind does not permeate the house like if it was wood. The build process was trouble free and relatively brief. It was the design and customer service that were essential and what I think differentiated carrell Homes. Beginning with the planning, the folks at Carrell designed a beautiful home working with us to meet our family needs, at no charge. Then when it was completed they walked their talk with strong customer service. At all levels of the organization they were focused on making it right. They have been very responsive to service concerns, even years after the home was built. I looked and found a responsive and professional builder in Carrell Homes."

    Jerry Reynolds

    Calabash, NC 2006
  • "We’ve just moved into our new home in Grand Dunes and couldn’t be happier. We picked Grand Dunes because of the architecture and community. In choosing a builder we had discussions with several builders but were impressed with Bruce Carrell’s professionalism and attention to detail in the design of our home. Our continued experience with their staff in choosing the options for our home and the construction of our home was rewarding and Grand. We are truly happy with the Fortified construction they provided for us because of the insurance break, the sound construction and the way it stays continually cool and warm when needed. I would recommend Carrell Homes for anyone looking to build in the development and invite anyone to visit our home as a testament to their work.  "

    Mike & Debbie Volpicelli

    Grand Dunes, Members Club, 2010-2011
  • "The Carrell Group designed and built our house in Grande Dunes. We went through an extensive bidding process with several builders and feel that the Carrell Group provided the best value for the money. With their assistance, we selected a Fortified house option for peace of mind and to realize dramatically reduced insurance cost. The Carrell Group’s attention to detail, both during the planning process and the construction of the house, produced a terrific home. We are now living the dream.  "

    Rick and Trina Mostyn

    Members Club, Grande Dunes 2011
  • "I understand that you are in the process of updating Carrell homes web site. I am pleased to add that it has been a wonderful experience dealing with the Carrell group. You have an outstanding team of Professionals who are dedicated and well equipped in handling all aspects of construction. Any issues related to any warranty work were dealt with appropriately. The fact that after helping build my personal residence( for which Carrell homes has been recognized at an International level),I am now in the process of working with you to help build our office, speaks volumes of the confidence that I have with your group. I want to wish you and your organization all the best moving forward."

    Dr. Indy Singh

    Florence, SC; 18,000 sf home, 2008-2010. *REPEAT CUSTOMER
  • "Our original home was a Carrell Group design, so it seemed only natural to have Bruce Carrell and his team do the addition. The home looks like it was always one entity. The staff at Carrell Group have always been available to answer questions, etc. and been more than accommodating with their time, personal visits to go over items and finishing up the details. It has been our pleasure to deal with all the wonderful people at Carrell and if my husband and wants to keep adding on, they will be our “go to” group. Thank you for making this an exciting time! It has also been an outstanding experience to work with everyone connected with Carrell Group’s sister company, Grand Designs. Their attention to detail has enabled us to bring this project together even though much of it was accomplished with us being 425 miles away. We have always felt comfortable that our ideas and thoughts were seriously being incorporated into their design scheme. And, of course, their ideas have been wonderful. Our entire house is a reflection of the talented staff at Grand Designs. The theater room is a Winner!"

    Bob and Kathy Berry

    *REPEAT CUSTOMER. Grande Dunes, 2009. Added a gorgeous theater with platform cushioned seats/projector screen/rope lighted floors/etc, and upstairs guest suite. Converted Screen Porch into a sunroom and entry into the movie theater room.
  • "My original home was designed and built in 1997 by Carrell Homes. When I thought about adding on in 2007, it only made sense to use Carrell Homes to do the design and construction. The addition fits the existing structure like a glove and I am extremely satisfied. Carrell Homes is easy and delightful to work with and that's saying a lot. I have been in the construction field for 43 years."

    John Mock

    *REPEAT CUSTOMER. Legends, 2008; Added dining room, Covered Lanai, new master suite and walk-in closet
  • "Mary Sue & I would like to thank you and everyone at Carrell Homes for the wonderful job you did designing and building our new addition and outdoor living space. We never thought we could be happier when you completed our home in 1994. Once again, you brought to life a vision that we will enjoy for many years to come and are quite proud of. Any organization is only as good as the people that make it up. Your staff, without exception, is pleasant and professional and made this a fund and exciting experience. We can’t say enough about how helpful and patient everyone has been with us from beginning to end."

    Mike and Mary Sue Marino

    *REPEAT CUSTOMER. 10/1/07. Added 2 Story Entertainment “complex” on back of home, including pool with lionhead fountain, gazebo, exercise room, and new driveway
  • "Thank you Bruce Carrell and all the team members of Carrell Construction Company! Our dream is now our reality! The architectural details and design intricacies of our home combined with your years of knowledge and experience helped to create a Mediterranean masterpiece that we now call home. We look forward to enjoying life and making memories in this beautiful home for years to come. We sincerely appreciate your creative input and ideas and the diligent work all completed within a defined schedule of construction and specified budget. As the Italians would say "Tante Grazie!"

    Susan and Sam Longiotti

    Chapel Hill, NC; 18,000 sf home, 2010
  • "After meeting with the Carrell Sales Team over a year ago, I knew I wanted you guys to build our home. Mike and I have been so pleased with that decision. Your team…The “Building Partner,” Grand Designs Team, and our construction manager…have gently held our hands and made this experience truly fun and exciting! As this process continues, we know the Carrell Homes family will take care of us and our home! Thanks again for your professional team and the hard work they do for us!"

    Mike & Susan Clawson

    Ocean Ridge Plantation, 2009
  • "When you figure the total number of different people and professions that are required to build a house, it is only natural to have a few bumps in the road but ours were absolutely minimal. The team at Carrell Group were very cooperative and handled the whole process in a very professional manner. Would we recommend Carrell Group to our friends and potential clients…you bet we would! We now look forward to making our beautiful house our beautiful home."

    Chet & Kathy Bojanowski

    Ocean Ridge Plantation, 2007
  • "We just want to say thanks to you and everyone for all you have done for us. We tell everyone we selected the best builder in the area and we firmly believe that. You have been very accommodating with our schedule and we appreciate it so much."

    Greg & Nancy Nalewajek

    Brunswick Plantation, 2009
  • "Carrell Homes is a professional and caring company start to finish. The people at Carrell Homes were almost like family to us. We would (and do) highly recommend Carrell Homes to anyone and everyone who is ready to build. You not only built us a beautiful house, but you built us a warm home that we intend to be in for years to come. I could not have imagined doing this from such a long distance without the help and expertise of all of you."

    Jim & Jane Rafferty

    5/29/10, Sedgefield, Ocean Ridge Plantation, North Carolina
  • "We are most pleased with the design and results of our renovation and decision to use Carrell Homes. Carrell Homes was very professional during the entire renovation process and as importantly, took those additional precautions to mitigate the renovation interferences while concurrently living in the home. Carrell Homes is a quality renovation contractor."

    Donald Bridwell

    Ocean Ridge Plantation, 2009. RENOVATION- added Family room and social bar off the back of existing laundry room for entertaining guests, overlooking the golf course.
  • "Working together with Carrell Group for construction has actually been a pleasure, to a great extent because of the people you have both in your direct employment and the various subcontractors. There was friendly cooperation at every point where a decision needed to be made or some aspect of construction that required a change or opinion. Your onsite foreman took care of every possible problem and was helpful in discussing any suggested field changes. His friendly interaction with all involved certainly made for smooth operations. The home has an excellent quality of construction and all systems are working fine, and that is what we wanted."

    John & Carole Sanders

    Bal Harbor, Grande Dunes, Closed 2/2/07
  • "Just a note to say Thank You to the team at Carrell Homes for a great job in building my home. Thanks to all especially the Building Partner and Warranty technician who were always here with a smile and willing to do whatever needed to be done!"

    Phyllis Dymond

    Ocean Ridge Plantation, Closed 3/12/07
  • "To me, the real test of a quality builder is the level of service that you receive in the months after closing. Inevitably, there will be things that go wrong, or need fixed or adjusted. Carrell has exceeded my expectations, and I would recommend them to anyone."

    Joe Curtin & Diane Radanof

    Members Club, Grande Dunes, Closed 5/4/07
  • "Dear Bruce, Nancy and I would like to thank you and everyone at Carrell Homes for the wonderful job you did in designing and building our home in Ocean Ridge. We are extremely pleased with the quality of the workmanship and how well the finished product turned out. Any organization is only as good as the people that make it up. Your staff, without exception, is pleasant and professional and made this a fun and exciting experience. We can’t say enough about how helpful and patient everyone has been with us from beginning to end.. I hope you will pass on our thanks and appreciation to everyone at Carrell Homes!"

    Doug & Nancy MacDonald

    Ocean Ridge Plantation, Closed 11/29/04
  • "Thanks for your help in taking care of our window situation. It’s always been a pleasure to deal with you fine folks at Carrell Homes"

    Frank & Carole Stiglin

    Heritage Plantation, Closed 4/14/97
  • "Overall, it was a very good experience working with Carrell Homes. We would especially like to commend our Building Partner and Warranty Staff  in working with us over the past few years. We would recommend Carrell as a custom builder to our friends."

    Cam & Kathi McCarl

    The Legends, Closed 6/24/07
  • "Bruce, You can be sure that we will recommend Carrell Homes to anyone seeking the name of a “quality builder”. Thank you again for making this a truly first rate experience."

    Bob & Martha Sue Ludman

    Ocean Ridge Plantation, Closed 7/31/03


Bruce, You can be sure that we will recommend Carrell Homes to anyone seeking the name of a “quality builder”. Thank you again for making this a truly first rate experience.

- Bob & Martha Sue Ludman
Ocean Ridge Plantation, Closed 7/31/03

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