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Our Renovation Specialist division began as a favor for an old friend and previous client. Bruce met with the client and transformed an empty backyard into a luxurious outdoor living space- complete with swimming pool, lionhead fountain, jacuzzi, gazebo, paver deck, and 2-story entertainment “compound” with Pub Room and Exercise Room attached to the house. This area was so popular that the clients used it to entertain for their son’s wedding. This project was the launching pad for many renovations that followed.

Over the past three years, Carrell Group has completed 15 design/build renovation projects. We are extremely proud that seven of these renovation clients are repeat customers!


  • They love their land and cannot find anything similar in size or location at a fair price
  • They are content with their home, most of it paid off, but want to make minor changes for functionality and lifestyle changes
  • Extended Family is moving in!!! Mother-in-laws, Elderly parents, or graduating college students coming back home
  • They want to entertain more- outdoor living, indoor theaters, indoor pub/billiards room
  • They want to differentiate their home from others on the market. Many of our Grande Dunes clients consider renovations for this reason.
  • They want to improve resale value by converting garage attic to a bonus room or other value-added enhancement.
  • GRANDKIDS! They want to create space for the grandkids to visit a lot!
  • They just don’t want to move again


When we decided to purchase a second home, a lot of choices came to mind. South Carolina was chosen and then Myrtle Beach. A house in The Dunes came next because of its proximity to the beach. The house was older and to say it needed some work would be an understatement. Who to choose to handle a whole house remodel? The Carrell Group was chosen and the remodeling began. Their ability to offer integrated services was the primary reason for our choice. Access to interior design, architectural expertise, lighting, flooring, HVAC and more under one firm made our remodel seamless. Remodeling while living in Virginia was a challenge but the Carrell Group made it easy. Many thanks to Bruce, Grant and the entire group from our family. We wish our second home was our primary home!

Tami and Jeff Eggleston
The Dunes, 2011


  • Most renovation companies are one or two man operations. Though this isn’t always a bad thing, it can be a risky venture and sometimes take a lot of time. We treat any renovation project as a major project and focus on designing and completing with efficiency.
  • Design Capability- there are very few renovation companies that can offer custom design work, and certainly not 3-D custom designs. Carrell Group does both and usually VERY quickly. Often, we meet with a client at the site to be renovated and turnaround plans with a week!!!! After a little back-and-forth with our clients, the renovation design is usually complete and VERY detailed within a couple of weeks. Within 3 weeks, the client usually has a set of plans and proposal in hand. We do not know of another renovation company that offers this type of service.
  • Direct Involvement of Higher Management and experts in the planning and design phases. Renovation projects can often become very complex. Since we’ve done many of these projects, we understand many of the risks involved and try and mitigate any unknowns from the beginning. Our President and Vice President meet with various trade experts, onsite, to brainstorm the project and hopefully capture any unknowns beforehand. Without this type of focus in the planning stages, renovation jobs can surprise clients post contract. We try and eliminate any surprises from the beginning.
  • PRICING- Our purchasing power in new construction forces our vendors and subcontractors to stay aggressive and beat current market prices, across the board. These savings are passed on to our clients in the proposals. We believe we’ve contracted so many renovations in the last three years because we’ve been price competitive with any competition pricing the same scope of work.
  • Tradesmen are the BEST OF THE BEST- the same tradesmen that build our high end luxury homes, also build our renovation projects. We aren’t dependent on a one or two-man operation that is better in one area than another. When a client selects the Carrell Group, they are getting top tradesmen in every respective trade- from cabinetry, to flooring, to electrical work, and beyond.
  • Timeliness- the majority of our clients live in their homes while we renovate. For this reason, they want us finished as soon as possible. We have yet to receive one complaint that we did not finish fast enough on a renovation job.
  • Cleanliness- because the majority of our clients live in their homes while we renovate, our top management stays focused on keeping all renovation jobs extremely clean.


  • Drop the ceiling height in a garage, add stairs, and convert storage to a functional bonus room
  • Add Sunroom/Family Room with Social Bar overlooking the golf course. We created a seamless hallway from the old kitchen into this area to make it look a part of the new home.
  • Converted garage to Grandkid playroom, Attached a new garage to the old garage, and added walkthrough storage b/w the two above.
  • Removed wall of small breakfast area to lead into 2 story Pub Room/Exercise Room/Summer Kitchen area, overlooking a new pool/Jacuzzi/and gazebo area. Painted entire house brick to make new brick and old brick match. Replaced concrete driveway with paver driveway.
  • Converted Screen Porch to climate controlled sunroom. Attached a new two-story building to the sunroom. From the sunroom, guests enter custom double doors into an immaculate movie theater with platform rope-lit stairs and theater chair seating. This theater features a projector and big screen and feels like you’re at the movies! On the 2nd floor of this addition is a new Guest Suite, overlooking the swimming pool.
  • “Gut” a home built in the 1970s. Removed all interior walls and flooring. Changed all living spaces to more open areas, modern kitchen design, and added new master suite on the rear of the home. This homeowner has a beautiful piece of property and wanted to live in the home they grew up in, but the home needed a complete renovation to modernize and allow functionality for a young family.
  • Add a stand-alone garage to a home. This was a “Christmas Present” for the husband and he couldn’t be happier. Simple project, but a great value-added investment and lifestyle change for the client.
  • Added Master Suite, Shower, Screen Porch, and Gun Storage room for an avid hunter who had filled his existing home (also built by Carrell) with too many hunting trophies (yes, deer heads on the walls)!

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Dear Bruce, I'd like to extend my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for everything that went into our Grand Dunes' home renovation. From planning, through construction and to completion, the level of service from Carrell has been outstanding. When we first met with Grant to look at our existing home and talk about the vision, we knew with certainty we had found the right team for the job. The follow-up meeting we had with the group (you, Grant, Dayna, Richie the extraordinary group of designers...

- Mike and Kathy Holupka
Grande Dunes, Calais Section, 2014

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