Our process

At the Carrell Group, we take great pride in our “One-stop-shop” service as a Design/Build Contractor. Since we started in 1987, we’ve spent 25 years perfecting every phase of the design and construction process, from the initial sales call to handing over the keys at closing to our excited new client. Whether our client is local, far away, waiting to open a business in their newly constructed office building, building an Estate size home far from Carrell headquarters on the coast, or living in their home during a Carrell renovation, our Carrell team is very well trained to make the Carrell Process simple and reassuring.

Instead of boring you, the reader, with lengthy paragraphs about “Our Process,” we encourage you to just try us out yourselves. Give us a call! We love meeting new clients, even if we don’t win your business. However, we are confident that we will win the confidence and business of most new potential clients…and have been doing so for 25 years. We have learned what our clients want, from construction quality to fair pricing, and we help them achieve it with the Carrell Process.

Whether you’re speaking with our sales professionals, our field/office liaisons- “Building Partners,” our preferred vendors, our finance staff, our construction experts, our executive team, our interior designers, or our warranty technicians, we are confident that “Our Process” will be one of professionalism, experience, and stability. Please let us show you why “Our Process” at Carrell Group has worked for 25 years and counting….



My experience with house building has been variable. Always presented with some problems that make the construction more expensive or a delay to finish. The bigger the house the more complicated and bigger the risk for problems. This was not my experience with Carrell Group when I contracted to build my dream home (third house I build and hopefully the last one). During construction we confronted some problems, but quick professional solutions were presented to me. No additional delays and no...

- Ken, Aly, Joshua and Ariana | Santiago Family
Grande Dunes, 2012

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