1. Custom Homes

    Custom Homes

    Thousands of Custom Home Designs in 25 Years of Building

  2. 3D Design Studio

    3D Design Studio

    WALK THROUGH Your Home Before It’s Even Built with Our 3-D Design Capability

  3. Renovations


    Full Service- House Visit/Analysis, Remodel Designs, and Construction

  4. Fortified Construction

    Fortified Construction

    Expertise & Guidance to Build For Hurricane Resistance & Reduced Insurance Rates

  5. Estate Division

    Estate Division

    Highly Custom Services for Estate Sized Homes - 10,000 sf Plus

  6. Commercial


    Save Design Fees & Time By Using Carrell to Design & Construct Your Commercial Building

  7. Interior Design

    Interior Design

    Sister Interior Design Company & Free Consultations for Carrell Building Clients

  8. Home Plans

    Home Plans

    Full Service Design- New Construction, Remodels, and Commercial

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Celebrating 25 Years of Building

The Carrell Group (Parent of subsidiaries Carrell Homes and Carrell Commercial Construction) has been building and designing Custom Homes, Renovations and Commercial projects since 1987. The company has built over 700 homes along the Carolina coast and beyond. If you add the homes that were designed by Carrell Group, it’s resume of homes built and/or designed in the Carolinas is well over 1000! We are passionate about creating homes of beauty that reflect each client’s individual desires, tastes and preferences. In addition to the quality and value evident in a Carrell Home, we put a bit of ourselves into each project that we build.

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